Winter Storage Ideas For Your Shed

Unless you are lucky enough to be flying off to your Caribbean villa between November and March, you will fully experience the changing of the weather climate across the UK.

You have no problem wearing more clothes to keep yourself warm and running the heating system for your property to warm your home during this time. However, most people don’t give as much thought to their power tools and the lawnmower which sit in the storage sheds down the garden, suffering the worst that February weather can bring.

Winter Storage Ideas For Your Shed

Winter Storage Ideas For Your Shed

Don’t make expensive mistakes with your tools

The way you store garden equipment will determine the amount of damage that your power tools and other gear will suffer during the coldest months. You should plan to ensure that your winter garden storage of tools and equipment isn’t forgotten about.

The majority of your hand tools won’t suffer any damage whilst they are stored in cold storage sheds. Nevertheless, when the temperatures hit freezing or perhaps fall below that level, any of your metal and plastic parts attached to those tools can become brittle and may break. The way to solve this problem is either to keep your winter garden storage shed warm or bring your tools inside for an hour before you use them so that the metal and plastic can return to a more suitable room temperature before use.

When there are big changes in temperature, it follows that there will be moisture in your storage sheds as the humidity rises and falls. This will cause water to sit on your metal tools. If this occurs a number of times across the winter period and you don’t clean or dry your tools regularly, you might find tat rust sets in and damages the tools beyond repair.

The purchase of a dehumidifier will hopefully solve this problem.

How to store power tools winter

You can damage your power tools by taking them straight from your winter garden storage and using them straight away. The extreme temperature changes may cause stress on your tools which might force you to go online and order replacements soon after.

Because most motors include grease or oil, you should allow them to warm up before starting them. The lubricants work well when they’re warm, but not so well when they are cold or freezing. If you are unsure, you should check your power tool’s manual.

If you’re like most people and have moved over to cordless power tools, you shouldn’t store them in outside storage sheds during the winter months. The batteries will discharge rapidly when they are frozen and the amount of charge they can take when they’re warm will have been reduced. You might also find that the chargers won’t work if the moisture inside them has damaged the unit.

When you store garden equipment like riding lawn mowers in a storage shed, you should ensure that the mower runs out of petrol at the end of your last mow of the season because you won’t want moisture turning the petrol stale over winter. Don’t forget to clean your mower before you put it away and lubricate any moving parts so they’ll be as fresh as a daisy when you reopen your storage shed next March.

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