Window Treatment Ideas for House Windows

A lot of homeowners nowadays choose to use window treatments on their house windows for a variety of reasons from adding some privacy to hiding an undesirable view to enhancing the style or appearance of an area.

To help you out in deciding which window treatment ideas would be best for your home, here is an introduction to some of the basic types of window treatments.

Window Treatment Ideas for House Windows

Window Treatment Ideas for House Windows


One of the most commonly used window treatments, curtains are fabric panels which hang from the top portion of the window. An exception, however, would be café curtains which hang from the middle portion of the window, instead of from the top. Curtains are a great window treatment option since they can easily be opened or closed using tiebacks, depending on how much privacy or how much light you want to have. They also come in a wide range of colors and materials so you can choose those that would best complement the area or room where they would be installed in.


Draperies are similar to curtains in that they are also made of fabric panels. Unlike curtains, however, draperies come with fixed pleats on their top portion. Some pleat types which are used in most draperies include French pleats, pinch pleats and goblet pleats. Draperies can also be opened and closed through cords on drapery rods or on tracks.


Another popular window treatment for house windows, blinds are window coverings that are made with slats. They can be adjusted to control the amount of light that enters and the amount of privacy desired. Blinds can be made with different materials such as wood, bamboo, fabric, vinyl and metal, and can either be vertically-oriented or horizontally-oriented.


These are window coverings that you can raise up from the bottom and can often be raised up or brought down through the use of a cord. There are some modern shades, however, which are already motorized and come with wall switches and remote controls. Shades come in various styles includes puffy balloon shades, clean-lined Roman shades and shirred Austrian shades, and can be made with vinyl, fabric or natural woven materials.

All of these can make your room much more modern, but sometimes, you just need to replace all of the windows in your home if they’re too dated.

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