Window Air Conditioner Installation

As the summer heat is leaving us with less space to breath and fresh air, we need to think of ways to make ourselves feel good. One of these ways is to install an air conditioner. You can even do that by yourself, as the installation process doesn’t take that much time and effort.

Before you start with all the work, you need to understand some basic things about air conditioners. When you buy an air conditioner you need to see if that device is enough for your space. Also, make sure the place where you put the air conditioner will fit the device. If it is necessary, make the proper adjustments.
Take the measurement of the window twice to make sure you got them good.

Make sure that the window will not close side ways because such a window will not permit the installation of an air conditioner. As an advice, it is best to put a device next to a vertically closing window, if you can. In this way the device will fit perfectly into the window. In addition, that window should also be close to a power supply.

The majority of the windows installed today have mounting brackets. This way, installing it near the window is a piece of cake. Here are some of the steps you should take in order to install a window air conditioner.

In the beginning of the process, slide in the air conditioner bracket in the window sill.
Then the bracket is well mounted on the window sill. Make sure to screw the corners really tight. A perfect job is to make sure the air conditioner is perfectly aligned with the center screw of the bracket. Then all you need to do is place the device inside the bracket. Smoothly slide the air conditioner into the bracket and then pull out its extensions.

Make sure to drill perfectly the places where the screws must be placed. You do not want to do them superficially because in that case the device will fall down. Pull out the air conditioner’s extensions. You can use the previous screws placed as a reference to make the right drills.

Afterwards you need to screw the air conditioner tightly to the window sill. You will have to insulate the device from the window will using foam. The foam will prevent the cold air from coming in. The final step is to pull down the windows and then place them tightly to secure the air conditioner.

But besides these steps, there are a few more things you should consider. First of all, you need to have good water drainage. The window air conditioner has angular brackets and you can secure the whole system. Make sure the water has a proper way to drain itself. If you are installing an air conditioner on an upper floor, take all the security precautions and you may even want to work with a friend.

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