What Is An Architectural Salvage Yard?

Junk yards are amazing when it comes to finding things that you need in decorating your homes, gardens, offices and many other things. These are the places to locate those hard to find items or the ones that cost a fortune brand new. Instead, you can just go out to your nearest junk yard and sift through what’s there and probably come home with everything you wanted and then some.

A great way to use junk yards is to find what you need and try to recycle it. Lots of times you can find old wooden chairs and tables that can be repaired and used again. Other items you can find are stained glass, and Victorian moldings. Things that people throw out can often be repaired and look as good as new.

Many times there’s something specific you’re trying to find and it seems to be impossible. That’s when you may want to look at some Architectural Salvage Yards. These are a bit different from junk yards in that they buy and sell parts for buildings that came from either remodeled or destroyed buildings. You can find anything at these places ranging from door knobs to wooden doors to even light bulbs, not to mention some amazing antique finds. These things can be bought for next to nothing and you can take them home, repair them and sell for many times what you paid for it.

Of course, not everyone has the time and the ability to restore old items. In that case, you may be better off in searching for what you need at garage sales or yard sales. The things you find at these events are usually in better shape than what you get at any type of junk yard or Architectural Salvage Yard so you don’t have to do as much to them when improving them.

Few things give you more of a sense of accomplishment than when you’ve made an item look beautiful once again with your own two hands. This is especially true when you’ve restored something from places like churches or old pubs. It may even be possible to negotiate with the seller of these items and get the items you want down to the price you want.

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