Wet Tile Saws Overview

There are different kinds of electric saws and the wet tile saw is just one of them and it’s designed specifically to cut stone and ceramic tiles. This type of saw is very popular to craftsmen because the type of cut it can do is of great quality and it minimizes tile breakage.

This type of tile saw has a diamond blade that accurately cuts through tiles and makes a clean cut each time. If your home improvement project requires that you cut bathroom tiles or tiles for your patios or sinks then this is something you’d like to invest your money on. But before you make that purchase you must first consider its specifications.

Wet Tile Saws Overview

Wet Tile Saws Overview

Check the size of the blade first of all. What type of work are you planning on doing? You’d usually need 4.5 inches of blade for the usual projects of home improvement but you may also choose an even bigger blade for more efficiency. You should also check the RPM of the tool as the higher it is the more efficient it becomes. 3,600 RPM is already enough for home use.

Horsepower is also another thing you must consider. 1/3 horsepower is good enough for the usual tiles but if you have tougher tiles that needs cutting, the 1/3 hp is just not up to par. You’d need a stronger one with 1/2 hp.

You also would like to find a saw that can make different styles of cuts. The standard cuts are mitered and beveled but if you have a tile saw that can do other cuts then that would be even better.

Lastly, make sure you check for product warranty. Usually you can find product warranties from 1 year up to 5 years. You’d actually like to buy 1 that has a 5 year warranty instead of just 1 year warranty as repairs and damages to the tile saw wouldn’t mean you’d have to pay loads of money as you still have the warranty to cover that. Purchasing one is really an investment and you should enjoy using it for many more projects to come instead of worrying about the repair costs when it’s the one that needs to be repaired.

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