Using Underfloor Heating to Reduce Heating Bills

These days many people are thinking of new ways to reduce their bills, especially the ones related to heating. They are thinking of traditional methods like installations with a low cost or a lower maintenance cost. But one of the solutions found today is the underfloor heating system. It is a solution that is used by many companies since 1990. It seems that the underfloor heating method has reduced their heating expenses. The underfloor heating system has a steady growth of about 25% each year.

There are high profile buildings in UK and US that use this system: the Greenwich Museum, the British Museum, the Imperial Museum, the Scottish Parliament building, and Canary Wharf.

In many cases, this solution can be used as a main heating solution. It is a perfect method to heat up a house that is perfectly insulated. Make sure to also add some floor insulation too when the underfloor heating system is placed on. This way, there will be little heat loss in the sub-floor.

There are two types of underfloor heating systems: with warm water (this is the wet system) and with electric power (this is the dry system). The system that is most used today is the dry system. There are electric cables that go underneath the house and they are installed on the insulation board. They heat the floor and keep the temperature constant as they are regulated by a digital programmable thermostat.

You can use the underfloor heating system in any room you want, including the bathroom. Just imagine the feeling of stepping out of the tub and putting your feet on a warm floor. It can be quite an amazing experience. The family and your friends will also appreciate this kind of experience too.

Besides that, you can also install this system to make your home look better. Because if you have this heating system, there will be not need for those big radiators that take a lot of space. Also, in the public places, such a heating system can improve the safety as there are no sharp surfaces, sharp edges and leaking pipes.

You can use the system with wooden or concrete flooring. It all depends on the covering and you can use tiles, wood, laminate, stone and also vinyl. There are many options to choose from. For a small room, the system can be perfectly installed.

There are underfloor cable heating mats too, that have a full installation instructions and you can do it yourself. All you have to do is research a bit and you can easily do it.

The underfloor heating is not a weird new phenomenon but a reality. It was used in the Roman Empire long time ago, by wealthy people. Also, it was used in Korea too, around 37 B.C – A.D 668. The Koreans have created an underfloor heating system which was named ondol (meaning warm stone) and right now there are modern Korean homes that use it. It is a very good way to improve your home and to reduce costs.

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