Tips on Painting Your Room

A house can instantly become good looking if you use a good paint. Even if you have never painted before, right now there are so many easy to use paints that experience is not necessary. Plus, the painting process itself is something you can do with your friends and family and it can turn out to be extremely fun. You can avoid doing a mess if you know how to organize your activity. Before starting with the actual painting, make sure you have all it takes. You need to prepare the room and to have all the materials there.

Before starting you need to move away the furniture. If you can not get it out of the room, you will need to move it in the center of the room. Take off the light bulbs and also the fixtures. Cover anything else with some plastic bags. If you see some cracks and holes, you will have to patch them up. Cover all the windows and the doors with the blue painter’s tape. This way, you will not mess them up. You also need to have slip-on shoes, gloves, comfortable clothes and protective glasses. In order not to ruin your hair, you need to put a shower cap on.

Painting is something you do with a roller or a brush. These items are very important and you can choose some made of natural bristles or synthetic ones. The natural ones are great with the water based paints and the synthetic ones are good for the oil paints. Make sure to choose the right size for the brush. Pick a flat paint roller for a smooth effect. If you want some texture look, then choose a thick brush.

There are two types of paints: latex/water based and oil paints. The latex ones are very easy to apply and it is also easy to clean after them. The oil paints will last longer but it is harder to paint with them. The latex- water based paints are also environment friendly. Pick the one that fits your purposes best. When you are picking a color, you need to make it look like the rest of the room. Also, make sure you like how the paint looks in natural light and also in artificial light too. You must also know that dry paint has a different shade then the wet paint.

When you start painting, you need to stir the paint a lot. Then you have to put it into the tray and use a roller to stir it a bit more. You can use the roller to apply the paint also. Let the first coat of paint dry before applying the second one. Do not hurry. Depending on the weather conditions, the drying process can take up to a day.

After you’re done painting, remove the excess of paint from the walls and floor. Put back all the hardware and the windows and enjoy your new home.

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