Tips for Landscape Lighting

You may have known this but LED comes from light-emitting diode. The Russian Oleg Vladimirovich Losev invented this in 1920. This lighting system came to US in 1960 and now it is highly used. The initial versions of the LED were emitting only low intensity red light but now they come in various wavelengths and colors. Now the LEDs are used in almost all the fields and they are great due to their efficiency, eco-friendly nature and durability. The LED lights can also help you with your landscape.

One of the most important aspects of a landscaping project is the lighting system. The light should be put where you need it to be. You can place it on a plant or to highlight an art work. Using light in your landscape also means you can have guests there in your back garden and throw parties. The lighting system also keeps the nocturnal animals away from the garden.

And, it is also a way to style up the place. All you require is a small budget and a lot of imagination. You can plan the whole thing yourself, talk to a landscape designer or read some interior and exterior design magazines.

Here are some basic tips regarding installation of LED lightings in your home landscape:

First, create a small sketch of your patio, deck, home and landscape. Include all the flower beds, trees, shrubs and any ornaments you may have. Then, make a plan on where to put the fixtures. You will have to decide on that map where to put the lighting fixtures and which objects to highlight. The LED lights come in two types: low voltage and solar powered. Pick the one that is more convenient for your space and budget. Because the LEDs come in many shapes, sizes and colors, you can let your imagination run wild.

You can use portable floodlights, flashlights, patio lights, camping lanterns and pond lights too. The spotlights are best for highlighting small places like a statue, an ornament, a tree or some flowers. You will get a beautiful dramatic effect. The down light is great to illuminate the pathways and also the surroundings. They get placed above the eye level and they are great in wide areas. They are also called moonlight because sometimes they are used for security purposes. Then you need to choose the design, the colors plus the lighting plan. Choose the style according to your home style. If you have an antique house, then pick its style for the lighting as well.

The LEDS come in many voltages and amperes. You can pick the one that you want. Do not be afraid to use colorful LEDs as they will bring life into your landscape design.

If you have a pool, then use LEDs to illuminate it too. The LEDs can be free standing or even wall mounted lampposts. So choose LEDs as a lighting system and you can create the landscape of your dreams.

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