Tips For Buying The Right Memory Foam Mattress For You

NASA created memory foam in the 1970’s but it became well-known with the public as topper pads. During the 1990’s was when the memory foam mattress was fully established. From that time on, it has been a prominent part of the mattress industry.

People that have back issues, bone and joint issues, and arthritis can benefit greatly from memory foam mattresses. With a density of around 5 inches, there are even some double size memory foam mattresses that have softer and harder sides to meet the needs of each partner. These mattresses come in various sizes like single, queen, double, king, super king, California king, and California queen.

If you’re planning to buy a foam mattress, there are some things to consider in getting the right one for you. The right selection is very important.

Following are some tips that may help when you go shopping for your Memory Foam mattress on Memory

1. Check out the mattresses with temperature sensitivity:
Not all of the mattresses need to be temperature sensitive, but this is a feature that makes certain memory foam mattresses rather unique. It also provides added comfort. If you choose one of these, when it’s warm, you’ll be comfortably cool, and when it’s cold, you’ll be warm.

2. Make sure the mattress has the right thickness for you: It’s important to consider the mattress thickness. This can be defined as the total mattress weight, calculated in a cubic foot of the foam. For example, you can cut a piece of memory foam into a cube shape and weigh it. The number you get will equal the thickness. It’s usually advisable to get a mattress with a thickness between 5.3 to 5.9 pounds. Lower or higher will result in either not enough support or too much support.

3. Check for a sufficient top layer:
Be sure to find a memory foam mattress that has a sufficient top layer. Typically, this is a measurement of 3.5 inches of memory foam on top. If you end up with a layer that’s too thin, you may never be comfortable on it.

Keep these suggestions in mind when shopping for your new Memory Foam mattress. You’re sure to find just the one you need.

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