Tips for Better Bathrooms

Some people will build or remodel a bathroom once or twice during a lifetime. Others will never do it but may be on the receiving end of a new bathroom at least once. If you take into consideration everything you need to make better bathrooms in the beginning, you’ll find that the process goes a lot easier than if you were flying blind.

Seven things to consider when designing your new bathroom are:

* Create a design that’s useful also to people with disabilities.
* The design should accommodate individual preferences and abilities of all kinds.
* You need to communicate needed information effectively to anyone that uses this bathroom no matter what that person’s sensory abilities are.
* Your design must minimize hazards and the consequences of accidental actions.
* The design must be efficient and comfortable.
* There must be an appropriate size and space for approach, reach, manipulation and use no matter what body size, mobility or posture is of the user.

Taking all of the above into consideration, there are things that you’ll need to do in order to achieve them. Following is a checklist of those things:

* Try using varied height bench tops that have movable base cabinets. People using wheel chairs and those that can’t bend easily can access these better.
* Allow at least 60 inches of turning space.
* Brace walls in and around baths and showers for easier installation of grab rails.
* Put a power outlet beside the toilet.
* Mount the toilet about 2.5 inches above the standard to make it easier for frail people.
* Install hand held options in showers.
* Install perimeter grate drains in the shower for wheel chair stability.
* Use toilet paper holder that usable with one hand.
* Install slip resistant flooring in shower and bathroom.
* Install shower cubicle lighting.
* Take away shower screen sills to avoid tripping.
* Use mixing faucets for one handed usage.
* Make bench top edges a contrasting color.

Putting a little thought into your bathroom design at the very beginning will allow you to enjoy years of practical service. It will be a bathroom that you can enjoy and one that anyone can feel comfortable in using, whether they’re perfectly healthy of have disabilities. It will be one you can be proud of.

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