Simple Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If remodeling your bathroom is what you want and you only have a small budget, do not be sad. There are many low costs solution to bring more life into your bathroom and turn it into a beautiful place.

You can start with the tub. The tub is probably the center of the whole bathroom and when somebody enters that is what they will see. There are various tub styles to choose from and many shapes and colors. You can have a drop in tub, a round one, a corner tub, a recessed tub or a freestanding tub. But if your tub is made of cast iron and you want to keep it, then you need to refinish it.

Also, if the tiles above the tub area are looking old, you can also change them. They do not cost that much and you can install them yourself. If you have some fiberglass paneling, then you need to remove it and then replace it with ceramic tiles. The ceramic tiles will look so make better.

Besides that, look at the vanity. If the items are old, you may consider replacing them as they do not cost that much. If the budget does not allow it, then you can consider replacing the vanity top and maybe the sink too. The top and the sink are very easy to replace. In addition, if the old toilet works and it is not damaged, then you should keep it. But if it is damaged, change it.

The fourth step is to replace the heating elements in your bathroom is the hot water heating system is not working properly. If you have some plumbing skills, then you can do it yourself.

After that, you need to pay some attention to the light fixtures. People prefer bright bathrooms. The old bathrooms have bad light fixtures. So think about installing a ceiling fan and a new light assembly. You can also change the bathroom mirror and get a bigger one.

After that, replace the floor, if the budget allows you. The old bathrooms have yellow vinyl floors that get curled up because of the moisture trapped underneath. The ceramic flooring is the best solution for your bathroom. The tiles are very easy to install and they do not cost a lot. You can also place the tiles by yourself. If you will remove the tube or the sink, you have to put the ceramic floor before installing the new items.

This way you will save a lot of effort. Plus, you have to remove the pink or blue tiles from the bathroom walls and put new tiles. The bathroom trims can also be replaced as they gather a lot of moisture. They also look shabby and it is very easy to replace them and re-paint them.

These are just a few of the tips you can use to remodel your bathroom in a very easy and non-expensive way. It is just a matter of putting your head and skills into it.

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