Should You Hire a Landscaper or Do It Yourself?

A beautifully cultivated yard and garden can provide you with the perfect retreat at the end of a long day. Cool shade, bright flowers and pleasing designs make an attractive setting both for reading a book or throwing a party. Most homeowners would love to have a beautiful yard, but may lack the energy and expertise to make it that way themselves.

Some people, of course, have a passion for gardening. It is healthy, productive and can be a great stress reliever. Even if you do love to plant and weed, though, some of the larger tasks involved in landscaping can be daunting. Just because you enjoy pruning your hedge doesn’t mean you’re up to building your own retaining walls.

On the one hand, undertaking your own landscaping can be fun and challenging. It’s an excellent family project and something you can do progressively over time as you build a vision for what you want your backyard retreat to look like. It’s cheaper not to have to pay for professional services—unless, of course, you end up making the kinds of mistakes that cost you to redo. Hiring a professional virtually guarantees you a result you will like, and it takes the pressure off of you.

If you do decide to go the professional route, search carefully for reputable landscapers who know what they’re doing. Look for someone who is locally based; they understand your soil, climate and plants best.Make sure they carry insurance so that if any accidents occur, they will be able to pay the damages.

Finally, check out what’s being said about the company online. If you see any yards in your neighborhood that you think are especially beautiful, don’t be afraid to knock on the door and ask them who did their work for them.

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