Roofing Designs to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

When people think about home improvement, what most often comes to mind are things such as new appliances, paint or flooring. However, one of the most valuable home improvement decisions a homeowner can make is to upgrade a tired, old roof. Your home’s roof makes up a large portion of the external view of your home.

It also serves the function of protecting what is inside your home. A new roof can give your home a brand new look while providing upgraded insulation and durability made possible by today’s modern materials.

Roofing Designs to Improve Your Home's Exterior

Roofing Designs to Improve Your Home's Exterior

The style of your home will guide your decision in your new roofing design, but don’t be afraid to be creative. With the wide variety of materials, colors and styles available, you can make your home into a showpiece that you can be proud of. For example, metal roofs are currently very popular because of their strength, affordability and ease of installment.

Metal roofs can add texture to your roof utilizing several choices of pressed shapes. Gone are the days of the simple corrugated waves and triangles. You can now find lovely pressed designs that give you all of the benefits of regular steel roofs with an updated, elegant look in just about any color you can imagine.

Roofing tiles and slates remain a desirable choice for many because of their durability and insulating properties. There are even stone-coated steel roofing tiles now being produced to capture the strength of the steel with the beauty of the stone.

However, many people still prefer roofing shingles. A traditional home sporting upgraded shingles and new gutters designed to capture rainwater for gardening projects offers a nostalgic look that has timeless appeal.

If you live in an area governed by an HOA, be sure to check with them before selecting a new roof type. Once you know what is allowed, contact some local roofers in your area. They can give you information on materials, costs and how long installation will take, and they will also have design ideas so that in the end, you will be proud of the new look of your home.

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