Resurfacing Your Pool Deck

If you already have a pool but you are tired of the same old pool deck, then there are ways to make it prettier.

A lot of things happen to the pool deck: the weather will take its toll and it will also be subject to wear and tear. The sun will shine on it, the rain will fall, the snow can cause it damage and so will the wind. All the water that gets splashed around from the pool will also cause it some erosion. The microorganisms will also expose the deck to risks and in time you will see dark patches on the surface.

If you already have these patches on your deck it means it is time you change it or resurface it. The pool resurfacing seems more complicated than it really is. It only means you have to replace it with another one. In this process you will not disturb the pool’s foundations or the deck foundation. Here are some methods to get that done:

Getting a Stone Finish
Having a stone deck is very convenient because stone is a highly durable material. The pool deck resurfacing with stone is done by placing large stones into a layer of concrete. This is probably the easiest and most convenient method and it also looks really good. Besides the durability, this deck also has a great level of natural friction. This means you will not slip off the deck and break something.

Getting Stamped Concrete Finish

The stamped concrete is a great way to resurface your deck. This method is highly used and it is also very cheap. The thing is that the stamped concrete does not have the same friction level like the stone finish. But the bottom line is that this method is convenient and very easy to do.

Getting a Wooden Finish
You can also use wood to do the deck resurfacing. The bad thing about this method is that wood is expensive to repair. Plus, the wood looks really good but it is very hard to maintain. In order to have a wooden deck you need to have a large budget too. Also, you have to make sure the wood will be slip proof or else you could hurt yourself.

Brick and Tile Finish
Bricks and tiles are also a nice way to redo the deck of the swimming pool. The bricks and the tiles are great because of the friction level and also the durability factor. Plus, if one tile gets broken you can replace it easily.

In conclusion, there are many ways to resurface the swimming pool deck and you need to do research about each and every one of them. Depending on your budget you will be able to pick one or another.

But you should never forget that no matter what resurfacing solution you choose, you should never forget to keep the deck surface clean and avoid the growth of microorganisms on the deck’s surface. Good luck with your maintenance work!

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