Reducing Your Heating Bills During the Winter

Are your bills too high? With the most recent increases in gas, electric energy and fuel prices, it seems that the bills will only go up. In this case, maybe you should think about some more efficient heating solutions. Even if the medium temperature is now going up each year, in winter time the bills can really break your bank account.

So, make it a priority to think about new solutions. Evaluate all the weak spots in your home and try to improve them. You need to make sure there are no air leaks. The air leaks will let the warm air go outside the home. Use some weather strips and a lot of caulking. You can also use some fiberglass insulation. This method can do wonders for your heating bill.

First of all, you have to take a very close look to each room on your house. Make sure the blinds, drapery and the other coverings are practical. The air leaks must be closed. You can also try to wear a warmer shirt or some sweatshirts instead of short sleeved shirts. The socks are another good solution and so are the slippers. This way, you will have fewer problems with the warmth conservation. If the water heater is not working properly or if it is not new, you may also consider replacing it. An old or damaged water heater can consume a lot of energy. The newer models are more energy efficient.

Try to observe the angle at which the sun is entering your room. Try to let the curtains off when the sun is shinning. Open them up and you will get all the good benefits.

Did you ever hear of LIEAP? It is a term used for low income energy assistance program that assists the people in a poor financial state. Try to see if you meet the eligibility criteria and maybe they can offer you some help. It is a good way to diminish your expenses.

Also, think about where the family members are spending their time in the home. For example, if you have a dinner and then all the family is in the living room watching TV for 3 hours, then there is no need to keep the heater running in the other rooms. You can turn it off.

If you have an attic, then you need to check if it is insulate properly. If not, the heat might just go from there outside and you lose money. The warm air rises and this is why it is important to keep the attic insulated.

Using some low flow showerheads is another way to keep the expenses to a minimum around the house. Also, if you don’t have a treadmill at home and you go to the gym, you can take a shower there. After all, you are paying for the gym pass membership and you can benefit from that.

These are just a few of the methods in which you can easily drop down your bills. There are many more and it is up to you to make them work.

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