Reasons To Prefer Solid Wood Flooring

When potential buyers look to purchase wood flooring they quickly realize that there are two types of wood flooring. The first and the subject of this article is solid wood flooring and the second is engineered wood flooring. Solid flooring as you may gather by its name is made from solid wood, whereas engineered flooring contains wood by only on the top layer.

The middle and bottom layers are made from Plywood, MDF and Softwood. By far the more popular of the two is solid wood flooring and here are the reasons why you should prefer this type to any other.

Durability – Solid wood flooring that has been well maintain will last between 50 to 100 years. This service-life more than makes up for the cost of time and material that was invested in the floor. In fact, keep the wood in good condition and you may see how the presence of wood flooring helps your property become more sought-after when it is time to sell.

Affordability – Competition between sellers is working on your behalf. Wood flooring is more affordable than it has ever been. Solid wood flooring will normally cost only a fraction more than engineered wood flooring, but when you consider its longer durability, the extra cost is worth it.

Choice Of Wood Species – You are not limited by the wood species used in the wood. The most common and widely available are Oak and Walnut, however more exotic wood species are found as well.

Extensive Grade SelectionSolid wood flooring are available at various grades. Grade is an indication of how refine the wood is. The more refine the wood is, the less colour variations are found between the planks and therefore the more the wood will cost. The highest grade for those flooring buyers who prefer zero colour variation between the planks is prime and on the other side of the scale, the lowest grade is rustic. Rustic or country style as some people call it is popular with buyers who are looking for a real character wood as the variation in colour makes the floor look unmistakably like wood. There are two more grades in between and this gives buyers plenty of choice in terms of style and budget.

Can Be Resold – There is a growing trend amongst eco friendly-minded buyers to purchase wood flooring that has been used before. The trend, which is often called reclaimed wood, can only exist in the case of solid wood due to the extensive durability of the wood.

Colour Availability – Many buyers are unaware that wood floors can be painted to match an interior design look. Wood flooring does not have to be either light or dark brown, new technology that is used on solid wood flooring is designed to paint the floor from a dark red to an almost white shade.

Enjoy your new wood floor!

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