Re-Doing Your Kitchen Cabinet

Many kitchens need an update and your kitchen could be in the same situation. Most of the times, changing the kitchen cabinets will do the trick and the kitchen will look like new. This article will offer you some choices in the matter, for redesigning the kitchen.

The old cabinets can turn into beautiful pieces once you paid some attention to them. You can buy new ones but that can be expensive. You can now take a moment to think about your options. You can repaint the cabinets and give them a new face. Or, you can consider some custom cabinets.

Painting them is probably one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen beautiful again. The paint can bring them back to life if it is vibrant and eye-catching. If you have decided to paint the cabinets, you need to take the doors down first. If you can, and it is not hard to do, you can take the whole cabinets down and paint them more easily. After taking them down, remove the hardware and store it in a plastic bag. Make sure not to lose it.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Try to pain them outside or on a ventilated space. Also, put a newspaper underneath the cabinet so that you do not get the floor dirty. Before you start painting them, sand the cabinets. Take down all the old paint and if there are cracks, solve them. Use a fine grade sand paper to sand the cabinet and make sure not to scratch them. After sanding, the cabinet will be smooth wood, suitable for painting.

The paint sheen will determine the number of paint coats you have to apply. The eggshell and flat paints need some extra coats. The semi-gloss and gloss paints need fewer coats. Use a latex based paint to make sure the cabinet paint will work out fine.

After painting the doors, you have to leave them out to dry. Do not put the doors in a closed space. If you have to leave the doors inside, then you need to open the windows and let the air come inside. After you made sure the doors are dried, you need to reattach the doors. You can also buy a new hardware instead of using the old one, if the budget allows it. This way, the cabinets will look newer.

This is an alternative to buying new cabinets. Instead of replacing them completely, you can add new finishing touches. This means covering the surface with some new laminate. You can also replace the doors and the drawer fronts. Go to the local hardware store and pick what you like and even buy that masticating juicer you always wanted.

If your budget allows it, you can have some custom made cabinets. You can make them from special type of wood or ask for any crazy color you want. You do not have to pick a boring cabinet from a local store.

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