Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Installation

You may have went to a visit or gone in the mountains to one of those house with wooden floors. They are superb! The wood flooring gives the house a warm feeling. You can have that in the city too. It is called prefinished engineered hardwood flooring.
And it can be easily done!

In order to install the hardwood floor, you need to buy the wood and then let it in store for a while. This is done to make sure the wood will get used to the local climatic conditions. You store the wood to make sure that it will not contract or expand later on, after installing it. It is a very important step. Buy uncut finished wood and put it in your home for storage.

After this step you need to remove all the old flooring. Make sure to level down the floor and remove traces of dust, small floor pieces or cement from the old tiling. Make sure the surface is even too.

You can not start to chalk the placement of the boards. Keep a distance of about 1/8th to 1/4th inch between the board and the wall. This way you will leave some room for the board to expand. If there is no such space, then the floor will swell and that is not good at all.

Always start with the long parts of the room, where you do not have to cut down the wood. In this way you will get a straight feel in the room and not a hazard look. After that, there will be some small places in the room that will be filled in.

You will fix the boards by drilling some of the nails. You can use an electric brad nailer to do the job. This way, you will have the first boards straight and in place, correctly. It is just like a jigsaw puzzle. You should also know that the main long boards are the foundation of the puzzle and they will keep the other smaller pieces in place.

Use racking boards to stagger boards. They are also good for the imperfect pieces. You can hide the boards with defects by placing them near the wall.

The floor nailer will help you staple the boards on the floor. Put the boards 8 – 10 inches apart and check if they are nailed straight and also perpendicular. Another tool that will help you is the jamb saw and it is perfect for all those final touches to the ends.

This is how you can have your perfect wooden floor!

The great thing about the hardwood floors is that they fit perfectly with the rest of the home and they are easy to maintain. So, whether you want a classy or elegant room, the prefinished hardwood flooring will be one amazing decorating idea for your home!

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