Patio Heaters Safety Tips

Patio heaters are one of the greatest equipments you can ever invest in. Most people enjoy sitting outside on warm summer days, but soon winter comes around and it is often too cold to sit outside. Being locked in the house with kids eager to go outside and play, can be a hassle.

With a patio heater, you will be able to keep warm on chilly or cold nights, while watching your kids play. As someone wise once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but this saying still applies. Even though outside heaters are a wonderful invention, there are some safety precautions that should be abided by while this machine is in use.

Patio Heaters Safety Tips

Patio Heaters Safety Tips

One thing to remember prior to buying a heater, is that it is best to invest in one that has built in safety features. Another useful thing to remember before buying, is to look for patio heater reviews.

Safety Features

1. Sand filled base

Having a base that is weighted down is a great feature to have in a patio heater. This insures that it won’t go falling down at the slightest bump. This is a good feature to have because if the heater tips over, that will possibly cause a fire hazard .

2. Automatic tilt shut off

Along with a heavy base, most companies sell patio heaters that have an automatic shut off option that kicks in when the heater is tilted to a certain degree. This is great, because kids and pets are always running around; sometimes it may seem that they are a magnet for trouble. With weighed down bases, it insures stability, giving you nothing to worry about.

3. Transportation

When you have a portable patio heater, most likely there will be a need to move it from time to time. With a patio heater that has wheels, transporting your machine becomes a much easier task. It’s also safer, than lifting a heavy heater in an attempt to move it. This should be common sense, but most people don’t recognize the danger of lifting heavy items on their own. So, when looking for the best heater for you, make sure it has wheels.

4. Power

This depends on your location and how cold it gets where you live. If you need a great amount of heat, the higher your power rating will be higher. Most range from mid 30,00 BTU to 40,000 BTU. Before buying, decide on what rating you will need and look for patio heater ratings that talk about BTU ratings.

5. Additional Information

Although patio heaters are a great investment, if you purchase the wrong one for you, it may not be so great for you. That is why it is important to research patio heater ratings and reviews, before you buy. Like with anything safety is the most important thing, the best safety precaution, is being smart when using devices like a patio heater.

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