Minimalist Fashion for the Home

The principle of minimalism in interior design is simple – remove everything superfluous and let the space speak for itself. Rather than cluttering an interior with lots of distracting visual elements, a minimalist designer should emphasise strong lines and homogenous visuals.

One advantage of a minimalist interior design is that it can often appear timeless. More decorative interiors can fall foul of changing fashions, but strong lines, cleanliness and functionality are eternally stylish. Even if the materials used to make furniture change significantly over time, there will be few clues to help a guest guess the age of a minimalist home because there will be few items of furniture lying around to betray its secret.

Minimalist Fashion for the Home

Minimalist Fashion for the Home

Although many minimalist designers favour the colour white because of its cleanliness and inoffensiveness, softer colours can be coupled with a broadly minimalist design to achieve a warmer and cosier atmosphere – stone, beige, taupe, brown, and green are some of the best alternatives. Base colours should be pale but a splash of bold colour can add the finishing touch to a minimalist masterpiece.

Most effective minimalist designs rely on simple materials. Natural wood works well, as do white or bright colours, chrome, glass, mirror, stainless steel and dark leather. Glass and metal are particularly appropriate for surfaces, and if possible, the floors should be wooden and plain. Try visiting your favourite showroom and looking through their collection of minimalist furniture, or alternatively flick through the furniture catalogue of a reputable online retailer such as Fashion For Home .

Minimalism is perfect for people who can live without clutter, but maintaining a minimalist home can be difficult for hoarders and other compulsive clutter collectors. One of the most difficult tasks faced by any would-be minimalist designer is the systematic abandonment of unnecessary furnishings and ornaments. Unless your favourite corner sofa fits perfectly into your minimalist vision, it should find no place in your new home – and the same should be said for every item of furniture and ornament in your possession. If purging the remainder seems unbearable, perhaps you should consider a different style for your living space.

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