Microwave Accessories – Basic Guide

When microwaves were first invented, they were a wonder of modern technology. Food got cooked faster, water was heated up incredibly fast, and everything was just easier around the kitchen. It is now one of the most popular items in the home, according to recent statistics. In this article we are going to be taking a look at which microwave accessories will be best for your personal usage at home.

You have to be very careful about what you put into a microwave. Inserting metal into a microwave oven can prove catastrophic in terms of the health of your unit and the food that you wanted to cook or heat up. That said, let’s take a look at some fantastic microwave accessories that will easily fit into most microwaves and won’t damage the inner workings of the oven itself.

1. “Microwave Safe” Plastic Products

These are items that are specifically marked to be safe for use in microwave ovens. Not all plastics are designed for use in a microwave. In fact, older plastics that aren’t conditioned to withstand the heat can leave you with a boiling hot, goopy mess after going through the heating cycle. Not only is that incredibly dangerous, but it will ruin your meal and leave you with a huge mess to clean up.

Instead, shop around for items that have a “microwave safe” label. This will ensure you only put plastic food dishes in your microwave that were designed for its use. Other plastics shouldn’t be automatically deemed to be unsafe, but modern plastics have more of a heat resistant composition and are therefore better suited for this purpose.

2. Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap can prove to be a valuable item when it comes to cooking food in a microwave. Plastic wrap allows the food to retain moisture during the heating process, making for a more moist and tender meal. Even plastic wraps are being designed to be microwave safe these days. Look for a microwave safe disclaimer on the label and always leave about an inch of space between your food and the wrap to ensure it doesn’t melt. The best microwaves are designed to heat food faster than they will plastic. This includes plastic wraps.

3. Search Google For “Microwave Safe Accessories”

This should yield some good results. There are a ton of manufacturers of microwave safe cups, bowls, mugs, lids, and everything else you can imagine. There’s even something called a Bed Buddy that’s made of microwave safe sand that will help keep you warm on cold nights. Microwave safe accessories are becoming more and more popular and manufacturers have finally started labeling their products as such. At least nowadays you can plainly see, according to the label, which products will be safe to put in your microwave.

In addition to these options, the following are safe for basic use in a microwave oven:

Heat resistant glass
Glass ceramic
Some Plastics
Unglazed Glass Dinnerware
Microwave Browning Dish
Microwave Spatter Covers

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