Lighting Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most appreciated parts of the home. It is one of the spots where the family spends a lot of time together and with friends. You want the lighting system in the living room to fit your needs and expectations. If you want to change or to improve the lighting system in the living room, there are various choices for you.

Ceiling and Recessed Lighting
This type of lighting is great for having light all over the room. You can have this as the main lighting system. If you want to use this system you may want to use the incandescent standard A19 style light bulbs because they give out a fluorescent light that is really good.

If you want to place recessed lighting in a specific area, then you may need to use spotlights or other types of floodlights. If you want light near the fireplace, then it is good to use the spot lights. They will bring a nice contrast and they will create a dramatic effect that the guests will appreciate.

Portable Lighting
Portable light means anything that you can carry and move around. We are talking here about table lamps and also floor lamps. Put them at the end of a sofa or near the chair. Some people place them in corners or some other hidden areas. They will give a smooth dimension to your place and they create that intimate light for special moments. If you want a reading area, then the portable lighting is the best solution. And let’s not forget it is cost effective. The Mini Deco Twister CFL light bulbs are great for this type of lighting solution.

Art or Photo Illumination
If you want to cast some light on your painting or artwork then you can use track lighting, recessed lights and sconces. The sconces use light bulbs and they give an indirect light effect.

Wet Bar or Game Table Areas
You can hang pendants over the table or the bar area. The pendants are usually placed in odd numbers and the most common is 3. Place them about 72″ from the floor. It is a great lighting system. You do not want to put them 60″ from the floor because they will get in the way.

Inner Cabinet Lighting
There is a special feeling when you have a small portable lamp placed on a bookcase shelf. You can easily adjust the light level. The small lamp must not be taller than 18 inches and it is not hard to find. You can also use puck or even Cove Powercore lighting.

The puck lights are small round lights that are put 18 inches apart. The Cove lighting is a long fixture that gives more than all over lighting. Usually, the people illuminate 3 shelves or even 4. You can also try to illuminate the entire case if the room is very big.
I hope these guidelines were helpful and you will have the living room of your dreams.

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