Lighting Your Garden

Over the years people have started to take a much greater interest in their home gardens. The garden landscape has even become a job for many people. We also like to enjoy the time spent outdoors much more and invest in the look of it. Once the night sets, it is a good thing to have some great light installed to make the atmosphere lovely for you and your family and friends. There are many solutions for outdoor lighting and you can pick the ones that you like. Outdoor lighting has also become affordable.

The Advance of Outdoor Light Fitting
In the past the outdoor lighting fixtures were hidden so that only the lighted objects can be seen, but that was the time when the fittings were too big or without a sense of style. Right now the fittings can bring grace and style to your outdoor design. Let’s now take a look at some fitting types and see the ones that you like best:

Downlights: the most commonly used are the floodlights and the spotlights. The fixtures are put above the object and they illuminate it. The light comes down on the object. Sometimes they are called moonlight because they can also be used for security reasons.

in the beginning these were halogen lights placed in the ground. They were aiming towards the building. There was a small effort taken to hide them from the eyes of the people stopping by. They are great to highlight some art work or other ornaments.

just like the name says, they are used to light the paths. You can use them in various ways and place them low on the ground. They provide a lot of visibility for anyone who is strolling on a pathway.

Backlights: they are very used. They get placed behind the plant or the object and they cast a shadow or a silhouette of that piece. They are incredibly used for the special artistic effect that they have. You can use halogen lights to give a more dramatic effect.

Unique lights: these are special light fittings like rope lights and much more. They are available for special projects and they are custom designed for a specific project.

After considering installing light in your landscape you need to plan for it. Make sure you have the proper wiring there.

Select the best location for the light fitting and see all the advantages and disadvantages. Included in the lighting plan those areas that have a lot of traffic because you do not want guests to wonder around blind and hurt themselves or break some art work.

You can use traditional energy or go with the solar lights. They will improve the efficiency and they will lower the bills. At the same time, they will maintain the same dramatic effect. No matter what type of lighting you choose, let your imagination do the job and create the landscape of your dreams.

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