Learning how to Build a Storage Shed

The storage shed is basically a structure that is built outside the house. The shed is for storing stuff like outdoor equipments. Usually it is used to protect the equipment from harsh weather and keep them safe. Nowadays, a shed is very easy to construct as there are many building kits available and the work is easy as long as you are good at putting things together. This can also be quite adventurous and here is how you can build a shed in just a few steps:

Before you start constructing a shed, you must make sure you have the proper legal authorization from the local authorities of your town. There are many states where, if you do not have that permission, they can remove your shed and you can also pay a big fine.

But there are also states where you can build one without authorization if the shed is less than 120 square feet.

After deciding to build one and getting the authorization, you also need to make sure you have the proper space, fit for a shed. Choose a leveled ground and make sure the place does not have hidden underground pipes or cables. If you damage them, you can pay a lot to repair them. You should know that planning is the most important step in building a shed. If you plan it right, you will have a beautiful shed. Make sure the design fits and the specifications are correct.

Make sure you also have enough space in the shed for the things you want to put in it. You do not want to have to reconstruct it afterwards because that is very difficult. Also, make sure you have an extra space left too, in case of something. This space can turn out to be very useful.

Storage Shed

Storage Shed

How to build it?

The material necessary is the wood. Using wood you will be able to make the floor, the walls, the doors and also the roof. Then you need some hardware like corner blocks, hinges, nails and roof tacks. To cut the wood you also require a saw.

Try to build everything from below, starting with the floor. Use the stakes so make sure the floor is decked on the ground. Then you will have to raise the frames. The nails will secure the wooden planks on the floor and foundation. Once you are done with all the walls, you need to put on the door and fix it. You can also build the door by yourself, to save some money, instead of building one. You can make it from wood too.

The two wooden pillars necessary for the shed must be placed in the center of the wooden wall. They will be about 3 feet tall and they will run across the shed. The roof can also be built using plastic or some metal and it is relatively easy. You may want to call a friend and assist you when you are building the roof. It is safer this way.

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