Kitchen Cabinets made from Bamboo

Bamboo kitchen cabinets have an appeal for homeowners who desire to have a green home. Bamboo being an alternative to woods can be used to make cabinets and furniture. Bamboo is a type of grass and when it is harvested properly, it will grow within 3 years. Kitchen cabinets made from bamboo are more durable as compared to hardwoods. Bamboo has a hardness level which is more than maple and oak.

Bamboo has some negative points. As it is a type of grass, it is fibrous as compared to woods and can create splinters. This problem can be solved by sanding as well as finishing the bamboo surface.

Another negative point is that bamboo can be used best on flat surfaces as it can be pressed into panels and the edge gets a totally different look. Therefore, raised panel and doors may look somewhat strange along their edges. So use of bamboo can be restricted when the contemporary designs are preferred.

Another reason to use bamboo is that bamboo is strong as each grain strand is perfectly straight. Therefore, it contracts and expands less than wood. In conclusion, bamboo is eco friendly building material which should be used to design your new space.
Kitchen Cabinets in North Carolina

Kitchen cabinets in North Carolina add utility and value to kitchens all over the state. Planning to remodel kitchen cabinets and choosing the replacement cabinetry is quite a task. You have to save money and also upgrade the kitchen for style and the function. There are many resurfacing options for North Carolina customers. Selecting new cabinets for kitchens involves several different factors for creating a design suitable for your home.

Cherry and maple cabinets can be expensive. The choice of your wood cupboards also includes the choice of materials as well as finish and other details such as selection of Shaker style or contemporary door designs. There are other details like the selection of door handles and pantry designs. People have different requirements and ideas as compared to others relating to form and function of cabinets which is why various options are available with different North Carolina installers.

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