Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets – Basic Steps for Installing

There are precise steps to be taken when installing custom cabinets especially when dealing with important rooms with utilities including the kitchen and the bathroom. Both rooms involve similar cabinetry except for a few design differences of course. Kitchen cabinets are probably the easiest to start out on but you must be committed to the project from beginning to end as there are meticulous steps that may seem pointless but are actually vital to the entire process.

* Mark the areas on the wall where the cabinets will be placed by outlining the cabinet onto the wall. Find the studs within the wall and mark where they are found on the cabinet’s backside.
* Making sure to line up with the studs, you should drill 4 holes and put your cabinet onto a cabinet jack (a tool needed to hoist the cabinet and hold in place). Now you are free to use 2 ½ in. drywall screws to properly anchor the cabinet to the wall and make sure to use finishing washers as well.
* All done! Make sure to check the cabinet to ensure stability and that everything looks leveled and even with other cabinetry. Personal opinion and a level should be enough to determine whether it is even or not.

Additional steps are needed to properly install more than one cabinet so unless it is a standalone cabinet, you’ll need further assistance to complete the job. Adding a second wall cabinet right next to the previously installed one will involve a clamp and a few large screws to allow for permanent leveled attachment of both cabinets to each other.

If you need to install base cabinets the process will need to go even further. Placing your base cabinets where they were marked to be placed will show you how much filler strip will be needed to even the cabinet up with the markings. Continue using filler strip throughout the designated area and screw it into the floor with the 3in. screws in at least four places and repeat with the same type of screws to attach the cabinet to the studs in the wall.

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