Keeping Your Wood Floors Beautiful

Houses that have wood floors offer a look of sophistication and beauty that’s unmatched. These floors provide a different feeling to a house and can completely spruce up a dull interior. Not only that, but wood floors last a very long time and maintenance is easy and inexpensive. When choosing this type of flooring, it’s important to know that there are different types available.

These include:

• A Solid Parquet floor that’s ¾ inches and less
• An Engineered Floor that’s Strip, Plank or Parquet
• Solid Plank Floor ¾ inches x 3 inches and up
• Solid Strip Floor of T & G up to ¾ inches to ¾ inches

You can choose to get unfinished, impregnated, prefinished or multiply flooring. Wood floors require installation, which is done by gluing, floating, nailing or stapling. This is up to you. Floors that are glued or floated can be engineered or laminated. The nailed or stapled installation can be engineered only.

Wood floors are a onetime investment and last a lifetime. The value of your home will be enhanced and the floors are simple to take care of. All it takes is some sweeping and cleaning with the right products. The only room that probably shouldn’t have wood floors is the bathroom.

These floors offer a lot of variety in color. This is helpful in matching interior decorations. You can select your floors to go with your wall colors and that will do a lot to enhance your home. The floors can be dictated by your taste and what you need.

Something you can use to add a bit of specialness to your rooms is hand painted wood floors. These are quite attractive and have become rather popular. You can have the floors stained, painted, or tinted to get the effect you want. When you use painted floors, it gives the impression of having designer floors.

If you decide to put wood floors in your home, you need to decide what areas you’ll put them in, what colors they’ll be and the type of finish you’ll use. To get the best options, you should speak to a wood floor professional so you can make an informed decision. This person will be able to answer all of your questions and guide you in the right direction.

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