Keeping Your Kitchen Remodel Ideas Realistic

Once you start planning a new kitchen, it’s easy to get carried away. There are so many wonderful options available these days in terms of kitchen designs, gourmet appliances and gorgeous and floors and lighting. If you are one of those who love to drool over design magazines and the pristine, charming kitchens found within them, you may have visions of something that looks exactly like what you see in those photos.

The problem is, you may not have a very clear idea of how much those first-class kitchens cost. Most of those were built with the services of a professional designer as well as a contractor, and large sums of money paid out for fixtures, cabinets and sinks.

If you live on a more modest budget, it’s important to realize that you have to choose with price and practicality in mind, not just sheer aesthetic value. To begin to get an idea of how much remodeling your kitchen is likely to cost you, stroll around the kitchen section of a home improvement store, or visit the showroom of a vendor who sells kitchen furnishings. Start writing down the price of items you like.

Don’t forget that total price is always going to run higher than the mere per-foot quote. There are usually extra materials, installation fees and more. Don’t forget about flooring, paint, lights and hardware. If you need to replace old appliances, look at those and write down prices as well.

If you plan on hiring a contractor, do some research on how much they usually charge for that kind of work. Once you start actually tallying things up you may be shocked at the totals you find. Don’t despair, though—it doesn’t mean that you can’t remodel your kitchen just that you have to do it in a way that’s realistic for you, not a magazine.

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