Keep Your Leather Furniture Clean and Protected

There are many reasons that people choose to furnish their houses with leather items. They love the elegance it offers their homes. In addition, this is very comfortable furniture because it adjusts to body temperature.

This means that you’ll enjoy warmth in the winter and a pleasant coolness during the summer. Leather also offers more durability that fabric covered furniture, so it has a longer lifespan. Furniture crafted from leather is great for families with children because it withstands spills, climbing and any other type of rough activities.

Actually, leather furniture is so hardy that it’s quite easy to forget to care for it correctly. The first thing to remember is to keep leather furniture out of the path of direct sunlight and heating vents. The heat from these will dry up the natural oils and leave it vulnerable to cracking. Cleaning and conditioning also needs to be done regularly to keep it looking great and feeling soft.

Another thing to consider is what sort of leather your furniture is made from as there are different types of leather. Each type has its own care and cleaning needs. For example, suede leathers require a special cleaner without water as it has no pigment. It’s also damaged or marked easily, so any marks need to be removed immediately.

Aniline leather is a type that has been dyed to have color. The dyeing process makes this type of leather easier to stain, but it will stay softer and more pliable than other types of leather. As water darkens this leather and can damage it permanently, there are specific products to clean and maintain it.

For any protected leathers, use a water based product to clean them. Avoid saddle soap and be sure not to use wipes as they may have chemicals that will dry out the leather. Anything with oils, silicones or waxes should also be avoided because they will destroy the leather’s finish. Clean out dirt particles and any spills immediately.

Following the cleaning of the leather furniture, it should be conditioned. It returns the naturals oils and keeps dirt and stains from being absorbed. Apply a condition every 3 – 4 months to keep it in shape.

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