Installing Pools Above The Ground

Pools come in many shapes and sizes but they are primarily above the ground or in the ground pools. The above the ground ones are less expensive as they require less work then the others. There are many sizes between 10 ft and more than 30ft in diameter. You can choose one of these three shapes: round, oval and rectangular. This type of pool is perfect for those who do not want to dig up the backyard. The above the ground pools are so much easier to install. They can be built using pre-fabricated kits.

The most important thing you need is to have a flat surface for the pool. You also need a nearby water supply and electricity. But do not think that this type of pool has no disadvantages. These pools do not last as much as the other pools and they do not look as well.

You should also choose between soft-sided pools and hard-sided pools. The first type is made of latex or rubber. The hard-sided ones are made of metal or fiberglass but they are also more expensive.

Learning how to install it

Doing Sod Removal
Make sure to remove all the vegetation from the ground. You can rent a sod cuter to do the entire job instead of using a shovel. There are some regulations, in different states, that say the pool needs to have a 6 inches area cleared around the pool. Check that out in your state regulations too.

Site Leveling
After removing the sod, you need to level the installation. The uneven ground has to be well fixed and the water conditions must be proper. If you do not fix the uneven surfaces, the pool will have an uneven aspect. Dig out all the high spots and level all the ground. You may want to use sand to soften the area as it is less expensive than other materials. You should also put money aside for the drainage.

Pool Wall Assembly
After that you will have to level and round the swimming pool’s walls. Make sure the pool is perfectly round.

Liner Installation
In this phase wrinkling is bound to happen. If you want to avoid the wrinkles you may want to remove the material that is in excess. Smoothen all the material and be very patient about it. Use the swimming pool liner.

Frame Assembly
You will have all you need in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Check all the connections and then assemble the pool like it says in the manual.

Safety Signs and Warranty Information
The safety signs provided by the manufacturer have to be attached to the pool.

Excavated Ground Material
Use all the excavated material to even out the area of the backyard. You can also use the material for landscaping projects.

Local Code Awareness
Before installing the pool make sure you meet all the requirements of the local building department.

Electrical System Requirements
All you need is a 120 volt power line running underground plus some additional outlets near the side of the pool.

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