Installing a Stainless Steel Sink in Your Kitchen

A kitchen sink is made of different materials and it comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs. If you want a sink, there are many models to choose from. The market is full of companies that do sinks. You can get sinks made of cast iron, copper, steel, ceramic or porcelain. Take a look at your budget and also the requirements and choose the one for you.

You should also know that the installation of the kitchen sink will greatly improve the aspect of your kitchen. The sinks made of steel have other modified types like stainless steel sinks, polished steel sinks and enamel coated steel sinks.

People tend to prefer the stainless sinks because they are easy to maintain and have a big life span. Also, you can do the installation of the steel sink all by yourself.

First of all, see if there are some laws that restrict plumbing working in the area and building you are living. Before putting the sink, install the tap or faucet and unpack the kits and accessories before using them and see if they have any faults. If you find some damage, you need to take them back to the manufacturer. If you are going to replace the old sink, you need to make sure you have the same hole outputs and all the materials necessary.

The sink comes with a template that shows you where the outlines and all the cutting holes are. Cut the outlines with a fretsaw. Next, get a 2×4 wood stud. Cut them down into 4 or 6 inches pieces. Screw the wood studs below the countertop. Take off all the support by cutting the sink from all the sides. Put a bead of silicone and seal the sink lip. Put it on the edges and the sink will be ok. The next step would be to adjust the sink and also the countertop. Pull down the sink using the mounting clips which are in the installation kit. Put them right beneath the countertop, using a screwdriver. Finally, remove all the dust and excessive sealer and you are done.

After finishing the installation, you can check if it runs smoothly and there is no water leakage. Then, also put the plumbing kit plus the kitchen sink installation.

Cleaning a Stainless Steel Sink

Keep the sink clean and germ free if you want to stay healthy. Also use the cleaning solutions that are specially designed for your type of sink.

The stainless steel kitchen sink is probably the easiest to clean and all you need is a mild cleaning solution plus a sponge. You can also use some vinegar soaked cotton cloth to clean the spots or other cleaning solutions.

Do not use very abrasive cleaning sponge because that can seriously scratch the surface of the stainless steel kitchen sink. These are some advices that you can use to get the sink that you want and maintain it.

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