Installing a Bay Window

If you want to see the outside scenery, getting a bay window to replace an existing one could be the perfect solution. The bay windows are highly used because they provide the feeling of a bigger, larger space in one room. Plus, they add to the room design.

You do not need to work hard to change an old window with a bay window. All you have to do is install the frame of the new door and that is so easy. In addition, the installation comes cheap. But let’s talk about the best ways to install a brand new bay door.

Before you go ahead with all the hassle and the work, you should get familiarized with the local government laws about installing a bay door. After checking up if that is fine to do, you need to take the measurements of the new door and also to select the design style. When you are choosing the size and the style, you also need to think if you can do it yourself or not. If the style is too complicated or the door is too big, you may need the help of a professional.

1. After deciding the style and the spot to install the bay window, you need to get the installation kit and take the actual measurements of the new window. Write everything down.

2. The installation kit is made of the head boards, the windows, and the seat windows. Make sure you read all the instructions before going ahead with the installation. After that, take the tools from the kit and uninstall the existing window and make room for the new one. Make sure you have all the required tools.

Bay Window

Bay Window

3. Try to assemble the windows following all the instructions. Make sure you check the measurements correctly and use a toenail to install the new bay door. You will also need screws to position the bay doors.

4. Do not attempt to install the bay door on your own. Even if you can handle it, it is best to have someone there present with you in case you need help or something happens. The other person can also help you position the door.

5. After all these steps, you will have to install the head boards and then attach them with the screws. Then you need to get the insulating film and place it between the rooftop and top of the bay window. Also, secure the edges of the rooftop with the metal strip.

6. The bottom side of the window frame gets placed with the help of fiberglass insulation. The bay window is supported by attaching the diagonal support wooden rod that will carry all the weight.

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