Installation Patterns and Board Width When Customizing Hardwood Floors

Getting the perfect hardwood floor is not an easy thing to do. Many people dread it as it can be a long process. Sometimes it can be really hard to pick the hardwood floor and many people rest easy once they have a sample clasped in their hands. Try not to panic.
Here are some pointers that will make your job easier:

The board width can be split into two categories: plank and strip. The strip is no more than 3″ wide and the plank is more than 3″ wide. Normally the plank is as wide as 7″ or even more.

Strip flooring is a process of creating a look by placing together the correct combination of wood species, furnishing, strains and installation patterns. The strip flooring will create a linear, running effect like a mirror. It also gives you the illusion of a bigger and larger space. If you are going for the contemporary look, then this is the technique for you. You can select a grade hardwood that has a uniform color.

Plank flooring is mostly used by those who want a rustic or country like look. You will also get the linear effect but the width of the boards is smaller. In the old farm houses or colonial houses they used pine boards and it can look really beautiful.

The installation patterns put as much weight as the actual wood you will put. This means that it will greatly influence how the furniture will sit and all the movement in the rooms. There are many different patterns and you should choose the one that you like best.

Straight is the most common pattern. The wood boards can be placed parallel to each other and they run along the width and the length of the room. People like to use this pattern for contemporary designs. This pattern is also less expensive than the others. The other patterns are more complicated and they require some extra work.

Random installation is the straight-forward, made of parallel patterns with a mix of floor board widths. The ratio of the board’s width is up to you and the technique offers great flexibility. This is a cheap installation as you can get different types of wood in many colors and patterns. You can get boxes from leftovers or discontinued series that are on sale. The space will have a rustic feel.

Diagonal pattern installation will give your home a sense of style and luxury. The boards are placed parallel to each other but at a 45 degrees angle towards the walls.

Parquet pattern installation is thought of as a lost art. The wood is placed in repeated geometrical patterns and the floor can look like a checkerboard. The options are without limit and the floor can result quite sophisticated.

In a Herringbone pattern, the wood floors are placed in diagonal zigzag plan and it is similar to the parquet designs.

Every one of these patterns can result into a beautiful hardwood floor that will last for many years.

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