Ideas for Your Rose Garden

Many people are scared of growing roses because they believe they’re hard to grow. In fact, roses are quite easy to grow and to maintain. Roses can be successfully grown by even beginners. Roses have only 5 main requirements. They need lots of sun so they’ll need to be planted where they can get at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.

As they’re very thirsty plants, you’ll need to water them daily even when it rains. Treat the roses to keep away pests. Feed them a well balanced fertilizer. In addition, pull them, prune them and groom your roses. The more you pluck your roses for things like Valentines Day flowers or Mothers Day flowers, the more roses will be replaced.

Once you find the perfect location that gets at least 6 hours of sun daily and can be watered easily every day, it’s time to start planting your rose garden. Following are some ideas to implement in your rose garden:

• Rose Garden Fence: If you choose to get climbing roses, you can blanket a chain link fence with your roses, keeping 2 to 3 feet between each plant. Start with bare stemmed roots and grow from there.

• Corner Rose Garden: Plant your roses in a corner of your yard that gets plenty of sun. Start with several large rocks and plant 3 to 5 rambling roses. This will be the start of your climbing corner rose garden.

• Front Entrance Rose Garden: Use a lamppost at the base of your driveway as the basis for climbing roses. Let them wind up and around the pole and over the top of the lantern.

• Patio Rose Garden: Miniature and tea roses are very cheerful and beautiful when planted in large terracotta pots. Place these on a sunny patio. Use a large strawberry jar to fill with tea rose bushes and set them around on your patio, too.

• Mix Things Up: You can use onion and garlic plants for protector and companion plants to your roses. Use your roses to cover the ground and shade such plants as impatiens and violets.

Once you get your rose garden going, using florists may just be a thing of the past for you as you’ll have your very own growing bouquets.

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