How to Turn Your Work Outfit to a Cocktail Outfit

Going out for drinks after work is a very common practice but who wants to lug a new set of clothes to work and then change into them before hitting the bar? That’s why it’s better to follow these tips that help you make your work outfit go right to Happy Hour while fitting in perfectly with both environments. These are quick, easy and effective.

First of all, build your outfits from the basics. For example, slim line black slacks that carry a sheen to them are sophisticated office wear at its best. All you have to do is put great top with them, drop the blazer and you’re good to go.

You always want to wear some great colors on the days you know you’re going from work to Cocktail Hour. Whatever day, whether it’s Wednesday or Friday, that you know you’ll be meeting people for drinks after work, is the day you should wear the brightest colored outfit in your closet.

You may consider making a dress the core of your outfit. There are many types and styles of dresses that can be worn to work and then make their own fashion statement at the bar. A dress is also much better than slacks in trying to show off a new pair of shoes.

Carry a couple of fun accessories to work with you. This can be a big necklace that you’ll throw on at the end of the work day before heading out for drinks. Add a fun pair of matching earrings, and you’ll make quite a fashion statement.

If you have a thin colorful belt, drape around your hips and then move to your waist before heading to the bar. Use it to build the rest of your outfit around. You’ll look amazing.

Invest in outfits that you can re-arrange as needed at the end of the work day. These include shirts or blouses that can be unbuttoned, jackets or blazers that will look great unbuttoned with colorful sleeves showing from rolled up jacket sleeves.

This is one of the simplest ways to move your work wear to fun wear. With a bit of smart shopping and accessorizing, there’s every reason to believe you can successfully move your work outfit to drinks.

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