How to Paint Vinyl Shutters

The vinyl shutters need a special type of paint. The vinyl is known for its high thermal expansion and also contraction. It has a high coefficient and this means that when it is heated up, it will expand during the day and contract at night. This factor makes the painting a difficult process and the paint has to be a special one. You need a paint that resists all the stretching and the shrinking each day.

Vinyl Shutters Painting

Painting the vinyl shutters must be done in a shaded area and you have to prevent the sun from going directly on the shutters. The thing is that that the paint will dry really quickly if the sun is bright and it will not have enough time to stick to the surface. Below are some steps on how to do this right.

Remove the Vinyl Shutters

Before painting them, you need to remove all the old paint from the vinyl shutters. The shutters are hanging on clips and this means you can easily take them off. Remove them and then bring them inside.

Clean the Vinyl Shutters

After removing the shutters you will have to take off the entire spray residue, old paint, grime and other particles. You can do all this with high quality soap, sponges and scrub brushes. Wash the shutters with soap and then allow them to dry up.

Selecting the Right Type of Paint
The best paint for this job is a mixture of urethane resins and acrylic paint. The urethane resin will help the paint to stick to the vinyl surface. A good idea is not to go for the most expensive paint because the expensive ones are much thicker and they can not be applied with the air spray.

Choosing the Right Paint Color

The present color is probably the best option for the new paint color. This way, you will not have a funny looking mixture. Or, if you want to change the color, use something from the same area. For example, if the color is now dark, choose dark color paint and not a light one.

Applying the Paint on Vinyl Shutters

Put your shutters on sawhorses and make sure they will not get kicked off. Then, put the paint in thin and smooth layers using the spray painting gun. The strokes have to be even. The best way to paint with the spray gun is to keep it at a forty five degree angle. If you use a brush, make sure it is a small one.

You need to let the first coat to dry before applying the second one. Many people hurry up with the second layer and that is not good. You can also apply a third coat on if you like. But do that after the first two coats are completely dried.

You must also know that it will take some time before one coat will dry. This is the case with vinyl paint but do not worry.

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