How to Maintain Your Garage Door

Once every few months, you should remember to do some maintenance work on your garage door, since the use that it goes through is bigger than you imagine. The regular household garage door will be opened/closed between 10 and 20 times each day. In a year that amounts to a huge number (between 3,000 and 7,000). If you don’t take care of your garage door, it might start to fail. Failing doesn’t only mean inconvenience for you, but also a possible damage to your cars, to yourself or to the house. The absolute minimum number of times that you should do maintenance work on the garage door is twice a year.

First of all, look at the mechanical parts of the door. Look at its torsion springs, door rollers and metal brackets to see if everything is in order. Verify that turn of the rollers is smooth and that everything is fastened securely. If something doesn’t work like it should, check to find out if it’s something broker or it just needs to be lubricated. Replace them if they are broken.

Another thing you should do when checking your garage door is looking at the tracks. Look at the parts that are bolted to one another and see if any bolts loosened up. If any of them did, the tracks can get a bit skewed or the bolt can interfere with the door rollers in some cases. The end result is extra torque on the opener of the garage door, which can make it go into reverse. If there are track bolts that are loose, tighten them up.

Another good idea would be to put motor oil on the tracks of the garage door. Wipe the tracks with a rag and that’s it. Another thing to check for at the tracks is that they are at the same level.

The springs are next on your to do list. Check to see if they’re solidly fastened to the frame and the garage door. Close and open the garage door manually, to see if you have any problems lifting it or closing it. If it is difficult, then you need to adjust the springs. When they work OK, the garage door will stay half way open if that’s the way you leave it.

Down or up movement is not allowed as long as you’re not putting any pressure on it. You should be careful at adjusting the springs though, as it can be dangerous when they’re under tension. Better call a professional if you have problems with them. The springs should also be wiped down with some motor oil, so they don’t catch when you close or open the garage door.

Next, look at the garage door’s base to see if there is decay or rust (if it’s made of wood or metal). The weather stripping should be checked as well, to see if there is any damage to it. Even if it still works and doesn’t need to be replaced, you can use a vinyl clear to wipe it. This will protect the weather stripping from UV damage and it will keep it pliable and flexible.

As long as you do regular maintenance on your garage door, and you use the tips I gave you above, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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