How To Install Custom Plantation Shutters

In the recent years plantation shutters have been becoming more and more popular as replacements to window shades and venetian blinds. If you’re going to be doing the installations yourself you’ll need to have a basic understanding of how shutter are supposed to be mounted on your window.

You’ll be given two options when installing the shutters. Both options are considered to be efficient and safe, and it’s completely up to your personal preference when choosing the best option. Both options efficiently block out sunlight, but frame mounting is the most commonly chosen option.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters

Installing Shutters With Hanging Strips
These strips are usually very skinny pieces of wood with the dimensions of 1×1 attached to the right and left jam of windows. These strips are almost always attached in what most people call an L formation, and then the panels are stuck onto the strip that hangs outward. The strips aren’t visible when your panels are closed, but are visible when open.

– Shutters are put on the window without being too far apart
– Price is cheaper because a smaller than usual area is covered; approximately 7%-11% cheaper than standard framed panels.

– The outcome of hanging strips isn’t as attractive and doesn’t blend in as well as framed panels
– You’re unable to tilt your window

Attaching Shutters With Frames
Under normal circumstances shutters are placed flatly on all the trim surrounding the window. For different trim you’ll need to purchase shutters with varying profiles. Frames are generally between one and two inches wide.

– More aesthetically pleasing because the frame Is put directly on the trim. The hinge is hardly noticeable, and the shutter will look like it was specifically custom made for your window
– Much simpler to install

– Generally more expensive
– A slight protrusion from windows

There is no right and wrong option when installing plantation shutters. The right option depends on your personal preference and how much you’re willing to spend.

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