How to Install Bathroom Tiles

One great way to remodel your bathroom is to put some bathroom tiles. There are many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Also, you can get tiles made of marble, granite, ceramic or porcelain. Having tiles in your bathroom is particularly efficient because it is going to be easier for you to clean the floor. You should know that the most expensive tiles are the ones made of marble. But let’s take a look of some tips on how to remodel the bathroom.

The right color and the perfect design can bring your bathroom to life. Selecting the appropriate tiles is very important and you must be careful about aspects like the color, the material, the size and the pattern. It is best if you do not pick vibrant colors for the tiles. Choose neutral colors instead and have vibrant accessories. Another important aspect is the thickness of the tile. The thicker it is, the more resistant it will be.

If you have wallpaper on your walls, take it all down. Also remove the old bathroom flooring and any nails and traces of adhesive that you may find. Make sure the surface is flat. Clean the walls properly and let them dry for a while. If there are holes in the floor, cover them and level the whole surface. After that, you will need to measure the whole surface of the bathroom so that you know how many tiles to buy. Also, remember to buy a few extra tiles in case some of them get broken during installation. If at the end of the installation you will remain with some tiles, they should be kept in case some of them get damaged in the future.

When the whole surface is ready, you can start putting them on the surface. Always place them from the center to the edge. Also, you should know that if you put the tiles in a diamond pattern, the bathroom will look bigger. After placing them down, check for any damaged tiles. Remove it, if you find a broken one.

Pick tile by tile off the floor and put adhesive on the area. Then place the tile over the adhesive. Use a trowel to place them on the floor and also press on the ground. Wipe the extra adhesive that gets out of the edges.

For any gaps and small edges you need to cut the tiles to fill in the space. Make sure you are accurate about the measurements. Also even out the sharp edges and use a wet saw. Do not forget to apply adhesive on each piece.

After laying the pieces, remove the tile spacer and mix up the grout like it says in the instructions. Cover one small section at a time and be careful about the small details. Wipe the extra material with a wet cloth. After this operation, you need to let the area untouched for 2 days.

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