How to Install a Bathroom Vent

The main layout is very important for a bathroom design and it is the basic key for having a clean bathroom without moisture problems like door warps, fungus accumulation, paint peels or stale odors. The areas exposed to moisture accumulation are the walls, the flooring and the ceilings. For some people, getting rid of the moisture, fungus and the toxic mold is a problem that seems without solution. But the problem is strictly related to the lack of ventilation. If the bathroom had ventilation, none of that moisture accumulation would happen. In order to get yourself rid of all these issues, get a practical solution like a bathroom vent or even an exhaust fan.

Want to know how to install a vent for your bathroom? Normally, this piece of equipment gets placed on the ceiling and it serves a lot of purposes. It removes the unwanted odors and also the moisture. The exhaust piping does the entire job. Installing such a vent is one of those things that you can do by yourself, without the help of a professional. There are many exhaust fans to choose from in many styles, materials and qualities. Pick the one that you like and you will quickly find out how to set it up.

First of all, you should know that the quality of the exhaust fan is measured by two attributes: the amount of moisture it takes from the atmosphere (and that gets measured in cubic feet/ minute) and the noise that is generated by the fan. A great bathroom fan removes a lot of moisture and it is as silent as possible. So, ask about these two factors when you go to purchase an exhaust vent.

Here are some basic steps for the installation:

The materials you will need

Here are some of the tools for the installation: wire stripper, screwdriver, the vent kit, electrical tester, wire nuts and a jab saw to drill a hole into the ceiling. Make sure to have all of these before getting started.

Choosing the place where you will install it

If you are replacing the old fan, then you should use the same space as before. But, if the bathroom never had a fan before, then you should select the location on the ceiling where the light fixture is. This way, you will not have to redirect the electrical wiring to reach the fan.

Preparing for the installation of the exhaust fan

After deciding where to put the fan, you need to prepare the fixation of the unit. Never forget that safety always comes first. Make sure to switch off the electricity from the main panel. Also, make a whole in the ceiling and fix the exhaust pipe that connects the fan to the exterior wall. See all the details in the manual that comes with the fan.

How to install the vent

Make sure you have the proper wiring and connect the fan to the wall switch. Fasten all the screws and the nuts and make sure the outside venting is going as planned. After that all you need to do is turn the power back on.

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