How to Efficiently Clean Carpet

Are you trying to clean your carpet efficiently? When you’re ready to get started, there are some great tips that will help make it a lot easier and effective for you. First, remember that organization will keep you motivated and your carpet looking great.

Something you can do to make cleaning your carpet easier is to not let dirt build up on it. Buy a decent vacuum cleaner, which can go up to around $400. It will be worth the money, though, once you see how clean your carpet will stay just from regular vacuuming.

How to Efficiently Clean Carpet

How to Efficiently Clean Carpet

You can choose from two types of carpet cleaners. One is water based and the other is a dry cleaner. Both of these can be found on the market. Something to consider, though, is that if you choose to dry clean your carpet, you’ll pay more because you’ll need to rent the machine and buy chemical absorbents.

Something else that will make your carpet cleaning easier is to deal with any spillages as fast as you can. The longer the liquid sets, the longer it will take to get rid of the stain. For instance, with red wine, blot it up using a paper towel followed by pouring a concentrated salt solution on it. In a few hours, the salt will crystallize and you can vacuum up the stain. An old stain is very hard to remove, but a high quality carpet cleaner can get it out.

If your office has carpeting, it will take extra work to keep it clean. To avoid stains from spilling, stop drinking any colored liquids in the office. Also try using a large doormat so shoes won’t carry dirt in from outdoors.

Most chemicals used are safe for your hands. Carpet spot cleaners, however, use strongly reactive chemicals that can cause some skin problems. It can also leave permanent marks on your carpet or lighten the carpet’s original color. It’s always best to use gloves when using spot cleaners.

Occasionally, water will be enough to clean up a spill, particularly a fresh one. Only use chemicals if you’re positive of the results. So you don’t have to always use chemicals that can be harmful to your skin or the environment. If you feel that your carpet may need some intensive cleaning, you may want to contact a professional carpet cleaning service.

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