How To Design an Affordable House That is Energy Efficient

If you want to be a more responsible home owner, investing in materials and techniques that do not pollute are a great way to do that. This way, you can also save a lot of money and lower your bills. More and more people are now using the eco-friendly building techniques and one of the main concerns is affordability.

You must know that keeping things simple and building the things you need and not more, will save you a lot of trouble and money too. The fewer resources you use, the smaller the bills will be. This is good for the planet and also for you.

Building something like this means a lot of discipline. Not many people can move away from the idea of having a house like they have seen in the magazines. This means you have to stick to your budget. When you will go shopping for materials, you will have to look twice and compare all the prices. You only have to do a little effort and you can save a lot of cash.

Always plan ahead, for every step of the way. You also must be prepared to spend many hours doing research. Make sure you know all the details and do not allow mistakes to happen because mistakes cost money. Also, you can try to be your own contractor. Learn as much as you can and also ask for prices in many places, from different people. All in all, doing it low tech is the best way to save some money. Scrutinize every material and product that will be used in your home. There are many examples of how working with the nature can help you improve the construction of your home.

Besides all this, you also have to be energy efficient so try to avoid using the fossil fuels. The prices for these types of fuels are high and they continue to increase. You can use solar energy instead. There are many solar efficient devices that you can incorporate in your home. Also, you must insulate your home to prevent the loss of heat in winter time. If you insulate the home properly there will be no need to increase the temperature in the room.

The energy efficient appliances are also a good idea because they save energy and they are also eco friendly. If you are used to using normal incandescent light bulbs, you may try to switch to fluorescent bulbs that produce the same light but with a saving of 20% in energy. Also protect your walls by building wide roof overhangs. They will also keep shade in summer time while you study to become a Reiki master at home. Besides all this you also have to use local materials that are less expensive because they do not have transportation fees added.

You also may want to try natural materials like clay, sand and soil. They are low cost and they are eco friendly. You can also use rocks and lava rock to insulate the foundations.

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