How to Build an Affordable Custom Closet

There are many home center that sell kits for building a closet. Choose a basic kit for closet building. Make sure you have all the space necessary and then you are all set. You can also keep things creative and use textiles or some special paint. A custom made closet done by a company can sometimes cost a small fortune and this is why you may consider doing it yourself.

The kit comes with a full guide that will tell you what to do, step by step. You should know that it is not that hard. If your clothes are no longer in place in your own closet, then maybe it is time to start building one.

Usually, building a closet takes about 3 days. You need to take into consideration that the closet has to be divided into some areas: the shoes area; the hanging rods for pants and shirts; the hanging rods for the dresses and other garments; the area for other small items that can be put into basked.

Also make sure that you can use the walls too as there are items that can be hung by the closet’s wall. On the closet wall you can also place a mirror and that can be most helpful.

The mirror will make the closet look bigger and it is very functional. Try to imagine how many things you will have in the closet before constructing it so that you have a clear idea of the size.

You can try to measure how many linear feet of hanging rods you have for dresses, shirts. Also see how many feet you have for shoes and shelves. Make a floor plan based on width, length and also the ceiling height.

Now that you know how much space you will use and how big the closet will be, you can buy the building kit. Usually the kit is made of many tools and materials. There are kits for as less as $30 and there are more expensive ones too. Pick the one that meets your budget best. Try to pick one with a design that you like because the closet is not just for storage but it is a piece of the furniture that has to match with the other furniture pieces in the house. You can also get a beautiful antique closet from the flea market. If it functions properly, then you can paint it and make it beautiful.

In the end, try to pay enough attention to the details. There are many moldings and finishing touches that can look great. Look through the magazines also to get a good idea. Get paint and paint it in different colors if you like that. Or try to add some materials on it. In the end, after all the hard work and patience, when you will look at the closet, you will feel very proud of yourself.

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