Heated Towel Rails for your Bathroom

Heated towel rails are a great addition to anyone’s bathroom. These wondrous inventions allow you to dry your towels quicker than just by hanging them on a towel rack by themselves. This will lower the amount of mildew that your towels may pick up from simply air drying and will allow you to have nice warm towels when it’s cold outside. These towel rails come in three different heating types; plumbed in, electric, and dual heated. Each type will have a different cost associated with it, and that is where you need to make some decisions.

The easiest and cheapest type of heated towel rails would be the electric ones. These are fairly simply to install and you can find ones that have a plug that you put into an electrical outlet or ones that you tie into your bathrooms electrical wiring. The ones you install into the existing wiring for your bathroom are a bit more expensive and you will need an electrician to install them. The ones that plug in are cheap and very easy to install. All you have to do is place it close enough to an outlet so you can plug it in.

The plumbed towel rails will require a professional to install them because you have to tie them into your home’s central heating system. These rails are a bit more involved than the electric rails and they will cost more as well. The dual heating rails use a combination of both electric and your home’s heating system, and they will require a fairly difficult installation process that is best left to a professional. All of these choices will require careful consideration on your part to determine which ones would be best for you and your needs.

You should be aware that these towel rails can get hot to the touch if you aren’t careful. They won’t get so hot that they will cause a fire or anything, but they can cause minor burns to you or your family members, which is never fun. Make sure that young children aren’t able to reach up and grab ahold of them as well, and never install one in the bathtub or shower stall due to the risk of being electrocuted.

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