Guide to Maintaining Your Pool

Many people dream to have a swimming pool where they can relax and enjoy life. The swimming pool is great for relaxation and also for doing some exercises. You can also sit by the pool in the evening with your family and have a great moment talking about your day. This means that the pool has to be well maintained.

No matter what size the pool is, here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain it. You should think about the bottom of the pool first. It is a thing that many people kind of tend to ignore because it is a very hard task to accomplish.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Guidelines

These are some basic advices on how to maintain your swimming pool. If you do these tings you will not have to spend a lot of money on repairs later on.

First of all, do not put chlorine in the water in daytime. Put the substance after the sunset and in this way it will be more effective.

Carefully brush the walls and the tiles of the pool on a regular basis. This way, you will not have algae build up in the pool. Do not wait for the algae to build up and then clean the pool. It is not a good thing to do something like that. Also, if you do not like to do that yourself, and you can afford it, hire some specialized personnel.

The salt water systems must be also cleaned on a regular basis. If you do not do that then the chlorine will be enough. Also monitor the pH level in the water. It is best to keep it about 7.2. If the level gets over 8 it means the chlorine in the pool only works to about 10% of the capacity and that means a waste.

Monitor the alkalinity levels too. It is preferred to keep the levels between 80 and 140 PPM. If the level is too high or two low then the quality of the water is affected.
Besides that, check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) too. Do this once every half a year.
Once a month do a check up on the calcium level too.

The skimmer must be verified too. Remove all the little debris caught in there. If you see any cracks there you should also fill them up. The pool pump must also be in a good condition. The broken drains and the suction sources also need a good checkup. They have to be repaired as soon as there are problems detected.

Besides all this, you must also check the other related equipment like the water hose, the pumps, the filters and anything else. Make sure all is working properly. If you do these check ups on a monthly basis or how many times it is necessary you should not have any problems with the swimming pool and you will not have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

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