Guide to Caring for Your Custom Oak Furniture

If you like custom made furniture, you probably want to be sure you get the most value for your money. You may also already know that custom furniture designs can be practical as well as economical. When you make the right decisions, you’ll have furniture that’s high quality and durable for years of use.

One of the most popular wood choices for custom made furniture is oak. The reason for this is because oak is durable and offers raw material of high quality when crafting furniture. Oak furniture is even suitable for families with active children where there will be things spilled and knocked around. This is a strong wood that resists damages coming from scratches and dampness. While pine furniture is also beautiful and easy to maintain, it’s not quite as strong as oak.

Oak wood is ideal for being customized as it can be stained, painted or coated any way you like. Ships can even be built from this wood since it is so resistant to water. With strength such as this wood has, it can last a lifetime and longer.
You can choose from Red Oak and White Oak when it comes to customizing furniture. It depends on what sort of end result you want. Red Oak offers durability, prominent streaks and distinction. White Oak offers natural water proofing and is even more durable than its red counterpart.

When you go to all the trouble of choosing custom furniture designs for your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting furniture that you can use for years in the future. A lot of time, effort and money are usually invested to see that the custom furniture you order is perfect for your home.

Things regarding furniture maintenance are:

  1. Control the temperature and humidity around oak furniture: Too many temperature extremes can damage oak. Also place the furniture away from direct sunlight and water sources. In addition, don’t put hot dishes directly on the oak furniture.
  2. Clean the oak with a soft cloth: This can be dampened slightly if needed and don’t let dust build up.
  3. Don’t rub the surface hard or use strong cleaning chemicals: Trying to rub up a spill will damage the finish.
  4. Follow furniture maker’s instructions for care: Use their suggested products regarding maintenance.
  5. When you take care of your oak custom furniture, you’ll enjoy it for many years.

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