Getting your Kitchen Organized

Whether we want to admit it or not, we spend a good deal of time in the kitchen every day for eating purposes, cooking, baking and also to store things. This is why the kitchen is a very important place. There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when you want to create the perfect organized kitchen.

The food preparation gadgets must be placed close to the sink. They can include a salad spinner, a bowl and a food processor. Easy access is the key.

After that, you need to put all the pans and pots close to the stove. You can leave them out in the open or inside a cupboard. Most people keep the lids and the pots together too.

If you aren’t baking that often, you can keep the mixing bowls, measuring cups and the baking pans close to the sink too. Do not put the baking supplies that much far away but try to keep them together.

Set up a way to organize the glasses, napkins, place mats and dishes in a single place so that eating is enjoyable. Put them all in one established area. The drawer that is closer to the table can have the napkins and the placements. If you follow these steps you will save a lot of time looking for them and a lot of energy too. You do not want the napkins or the spoons in the other side of the room.

The food has to be stored into containers. So must the food storage items be. For example, put the food rapping paper or foil next to the food. The purpose of these guidelines is to avoid that moment when you think you can not find anything in your kitchen.

The small tools must be placed in drawers according to their function. It is improper to put a rolling pin next to the tea ball or the knife sharpener. Put the baking items together too and the spoons and knives the same.

There are also a lot of people that like to store the items they use most often in container placed on the counter. You can find different baskets of many shapes and colors that are very useful. The less useful items can be tucked away in the drawer.

The good liners from the drawers prevent slipping and sliding. You can also buy from your local store different containers that can really turn your mess into a perfect order.

Plus, let’s not forget about the macho drawer. This drawer has all those items that are usually used by men: small hammer, hooks, nails or screwdriver. You can get some small containers made of plastic and stores these little things. In this way you will minimize the space occupied by the macho items. If you can, get a small toolbox and put the macho stuff in it and clear the whole drawer. You can get that toolbox from any local store.

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