Garage Storage Ideas

Many people don’t realize how much storage space they can have in their garage or how much space they are wasting in the garage. If you find some good design ideas, you can make the garage the best storage space in the house. This article is all about those great ideas.

Great ideas for storage space in the garage

You should know that the garage is not just for the car. It is also a very good storage space to keep many things.

Before you start thinking which things to move there, you should consider the whole purpose of a garage. You can start by taking some garden tools and put them there, next to the garage. Then you will start to appreciate how good it is to have a new storage space. Before you get started, think about how you would like your garage to look. Then, get all that imagination to work. It is not good to keep a mess of your garage and you must organize things. Clean the whole mess and remove the garbage and any old car oil or tools that are still there. Take the car out too and vacuum the whole area. Only then you will be able to see the true space that the garage has to offer.

Garage storage ideas

Garage storage ideas

After seeing the whole space you can redesign in your mind the arrangement. Then, take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you think are suited to be kept in the garage. If the garage doesn’t look so good, you can also paint the walls and make it pretty again so that you will like to leave things there. Try not to choose white because it is hard to maintain. Choose pastel colors like light brown or beige.

Then, draw a plan of how the things will fit in. Try to be minimal and make the whole place look fresh. After that, you need to compartmentalize the space: garden tool in one place and sports things in another place. In this way it will be easier to get them when you will need them.

Now you can start the design and think about the nails, magnetic clips, cupboards, hooks and shelves. You can hang the garden tools by using hooks. You can also arrange some metal shelves or cabinets for valuable and small stuff like drills. The cabinets are also good for those pointy things like pins or nails. You can also put the small stuff in jars.

Place the canisters on shelves and the bats, sticks and gloves on some metal racks. If you like these things, you can also put there a small “study table” for some neat carpentry work. Make sure the desk will go into the cabinet once you are done working so that it will not take up that much space. Also, make sure that sharp and pointy objects are not in children’s reach because you do not want them to hurt themselves.

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