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Painting the exterior of your house is not that hard, try it and you will be amazed with your own work. For the past years, I have decided to pay others to paint for me but the price quotation made me changed my mind and decided to do the job myself.

The time taken to finish the task will depend on a number of factors; they are skill level, size of the house, number of helpers, and number of coatings. Generally, it will be eight to ten hours for beginners, seven to eight hours for average people, and six to seven hours for experts. Painting should be done in a temperate weather. Avoid painting in the rain and under direct sun as these will affect the result.

Firstly, you need to choose the color scheme and it should complement the color of your home’s exterior siding. Glossier color should be used for trim to help it stand out against the exterior siding. For flat exterior, semi-gloss or gloss paint is suitable for the windows, trim, and doors.

Equipments needed for the job are paint, trim brush, tape, paint bucket, ladders, drop-cloth, mineral spirits, and stir stick. For the brushes, remember that nylon and polyester are suitable for latex paints and natural bristles work best with oil-based. Be careful when using the oil-based paints as there might be government restrictions on the usage of the paint and it is harmful to breathe the paints’ fumes for long duration.

Primer coat must be applied to bare wood, regardless whether it is new or for repair. Always wait a couple of hours before applying a second layer of coating. Rule of thumb of eight hours gives enough time for the first coating to dry. It is advisable to apply two layers of topcoat for complete protection. For the topcoat, latex primer should be used with latex topcoat, and oil-based primer with oil-based topcoat. However, it is possible to apply fresh latex topcoat over old oil-based topcoat by sanding or applying chemical agent to the surface.

Lastly, please remember to cover the areas that are not intended to be painted as the cleaning will be more time consuming. Get your family involved and it is guaranteed that this project will be more fun. Do not think further, get all the equipments and give your home a new paint.

About the author: Richard Stone is the webmaster of paint zoom review and wagner painter review blog, where he reviews the Paint Zoom sprayer.

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