Eco Friendly Remodeling and Building

If you want to save money, one idea would be to use energy efficient products. These products will reduce your bills and they are friendly to the environment. Let’s discuss the appliances and also the electronics. Together they are responsible for 20% of the home’s expenses. We talk about dryers, clothes washers, dishwashers, television, water heaters and also computers.

When you want to purchase an energy efficient appliance it is best to look for the Energy Star labels. They are on all the appliances but only on some of the electronics. The labels will give you a fair idea of how much energy that product consumes and if it is meeting the energy criteria in US. These criteria are set by the Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

You may not know this but a water heater can spend about 14% to 25% of the whole energy consumed in the house. There are many kinds of water heaters that are energy efficient. You can buy the solar water heater or the indirect water heater if you want. Also, you can get a heat pump water heater. You should know that the solar heaters only need the energy of the sun to heat your water and that comes with zero cost. The tankless coil heaters and the indirect water heaters have some heating coils placed in the furnace.
Besides that, you should also think about lighting solutions. You can stop using the incandescent light bulbs and choose the fluorescent light bulbs. The fluorescent ones only need a quarter of the energy needed by the regular ones. You can also use solar lighting for the outdoor lighting. The outdoor system will use some solar cells that will convert the sunlight into stable electricity. Then it will store all that electricity in the batteries. This way, all the energy will be used during the night to light up the home.

You can also try to insulate your home the best you can. This way, you will lower the costs. If the house you are living in is an old one, it is very likely that it is not well insulated. By properly insulating it you will make sure the heat will not get out that easy and you will lower the heating bills. You can also search for areas that let the air go out and use caulking or weather stripping. It is very important to do that, as the studies show that reducing the air leaking can also reduce the costs by an amazing level of 30%.

So, besides making your home look all pretty and nice, you can also try to make it more energy efficient. Besides all the things we already mentioned, there are many other advices you can use and you can do some research on various websites to find them. Improving the insulation and using lighting and appliances that are cost efficient is the best way to lower your costs. Also, use quality materials for each process.

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